Traffic Lights

Traffic Light System

Our Short-Term Contracts, Car Subscriptions and Flexible accounts operate on a Traffic Light System/ This is to help us monitor your account and make sure its operating within our guidelines and that you are complying with our terms and conditions.

The idea of the Traffic Light system is simple, if you keep your payments up-to-date, you keep your PCN’s to a minimum and you return your vehicles with the agreed RETURN CONDITIONS then you will remain GREEN.

Should you continuously bounce payments, return the cars with excessive damage or mileage and/or receive a high number of PCN’s, then you may go from AMBER to RED.

Traffic Light Breakdown:


Don’t let your account slip into the RED, there is a high possibility that your vehicle may be repossessed. This could be because of a breach in the Terms and Conditions, Non-payment or excessive damage/mileage on a previous vehicle.


Hitting AMBER is due to payment issues (eg. bounced Direct Debit’s, Cancelling Direct Debits, Damage/Excess Mileage or a breach of the Terms and Conditions. Get back into the GREEN by complying with our terms


Stay in the GREEN by making sure each payment goes through in time, receiving few PCN’s and returning your cars in a good condition and within its contract mileage parameters.


If your account does fall into the RED, then there is a possibility that your vehicle may not be renewed at the end of the contract. Should you still be in your vehicle, it may be repossessed.

We are also obliged to inform our subscribed risk-based systems such as Hireguard, Prohire Risk or BVRLA Risk. This may prevent you from getting further cars with similar rental and short-term lease providers.

Traffic Light Chart

Traffic Light System

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