Return Standards

Return Standards

Please click on the button below to see our latest return standards document, this forms part of your contract and will be part of the TC1 document for Individual and Company Contracts on all short-term contracts including Car Subscription.

Please Note. Short-Term Leases and Rental Vehicles do not fall under the BVRLA Fair, Wear and Tear Standards. Cocoon Vehicles Ltd does follow the BVRLA’s Rental Code of Conduct. We supply the return standards on our website, within our contracts and literature with and after the car has been delivered for transparency.

For more information on our return conditions and how they may effect you, please call the Cocoon Vehicles team on 01332 290173 or email. [email protected]

Updated: 24th March 2022

Return Standards Covers the following Contracts:

Short Term Lease Return Standards

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